Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why Would Anyone Vote For Sarah Palin?

     How Sarah Palin can even be considered to run for President is beyond me. She is nothing more than an instigator who likes to create controversy for her own monetary gain. Whether its putting crosshairs over political opponents or saying anti-obesity programs are infringing on our freedom, she never shuts up. Below are a few quotes that I find both hilarious and maddening. Either way, I really hope that she falls out of all political favor soon. Much like Christine O'Donnell.

  • "But obviously, we've got to stand with our North Korean allies." --Sarah Palin, after being asked how she would handle the current hostilities between the two Koreas, interview on Glenn Beck's radio show, Nov. 24, 2010
  • "We used to hustle over the border for health care we received in Canada. And I think now, isn't that ironic?" --Sarah Palin, admitting that her family used to get treatment in Canada's single-payer health care system, despite having demonized such government-run programs as socialized medicine that will lead to death-panel-like rationing, March 6, 2010
  • "They are also building schools for the Afghan children so that there is hope and opportunity in our neighboring country of Afghanistan." Sarah Palin Speaking at a fundraiser in San Francisco, October 5, 2008.
  • "Well, let's see. There's -- of course -- in the great history of America rulings there have been rulings." Sarah Palin Unable to name a Supreme Court decision she disagreed with other than Roe vs. Wade, interview with Katie Couric, CBS News, October 1, 2008.
  • "Let me speak specifically about a credential that I do bring to this table, Charlie, and that's with the energy independence that I've been working on for these years as the governor of this state that produces nearly 20 percent of the U.S. domestic supply of energy." Sarah Palin Misstating the amount of energy produced by Alaska, which is only 3.5 percent, September 11, 2008.

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